organising conferences, trade shows and exhibitions

From the largest conference venues to the most discreet executive meeting rooms

Our conference team has a wealth of experience in organising successful conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. We have built successful relationships with clients, venues, supplies and production agencies and our role is pivotal in organising and delivering conferences of any scale.


Our comprehensive conference management service is underpinned by experience, resources and attention to detail. Our UK and International clients wishing to deliver successful conferences and events can choose a complete service or mandage Sky Events to deliver specific aspects.

We are happy to work as a team with our hosts and other counterparties or independently to ensure smooth operations dependable management.

No conference and event planning solution would be complete without reference to costs and the Sky Events team are conscious and capable of delivering events in these budget constrained times.  Whether your conference concept is a blank page or detailed  we can provide an overview or detailed breakdown of the associated costs including :-

> Venue cost and extras

> Production, theming, collateral and resource

> Delegate registration and management

> Project and Event Management

> Event Marketing

> Cost control and reporting

> Post event feedback and analysis

There are many other potential costs and at Sky we can support you in provisioning your event in extensive detail. Call Sarah Patton on 0845 460 0606 discuss your requirements.