Get competitive on horseback with the glamorous and exciting sport of polo.

Discover Polo, the historic sport of Kings, Queens, nobility and yes, commoners. Like us. At Sky Events we love to offer our clients something different and exciting like the opportunity to learn and take part in this prestigious sport (royal ancestry not required). We combine expert tuition with high end corporate hospitality and our dedicated event management to create an unforgettable and challenging corporate event, not just in the UK, but at Polo Clubs all over the world.

Polo originated in Persia (Iran) as a military training exercise and evolved over centuries to become the exclusive and glamorous sport we know today. We offer our clients the opportunity to get involved and experience this challenging sport, with Polo retreats of any duration and for all levels of rider – even those who have never been aboard seaside donkey, let alone a polo pony! Our aim is to provide you and your clients with new and exciting challenges. We begin with a little theory and game tactics, moving on to standing on crates and perfecting the ‘swing’, and finally mounting the ponies and discovering a whole new world of equestrian fun and competition. When everyone is comfortable in the saddle we hold a chukka challenge to test your new skills. There is no need for previous experience – all you need is a sense of adventure!

Naturally we manage your event from start to finish, ensuring that every aspect of the event runs seamlessly. In addition to Polo, we can arrange all manner of non-equestrian activities in between chukkas. Soothing saddle sore limbs in award winning spas, hot air ballooning and falconry are just a few ideas of activities we can combine to create the perfect corporate event.

Sky polo events include:

  • Polo Tuition, training and tournaments
  • Tuition from professional Polo Players
  • Exhibition Matches
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Champagne reception
  • Gourmet Lunches
  • Evening banqueting
  • Transport to and from the hotel and Polo grounds if offsite
  • Airport transfers
  • Alternative activities
  • Experienced and dedicated hosts and event managers

Sample Itinerary – Corporate Polo

Day One

15:00 Guests arrive at LHR and are met by Sky Events staff
15:15 Guests are driven to Pennyhill Park Hotel
16:45 Arrive and check in
18:00 Champagne reception
19:00 Dinner at the hotel
22:00 After dinner drinks

Day Two

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Depart for the Polo Ground
09:15 Meet and greet at the Polo Ground
09:45 Lessons begin with theory and crate swing training
12:30 Gourmet Lunch
14:00 Meet the ponies
14:15 Stick and ball practice
16:30 Post training refreshments
17:30 Return to Pennyhill Park
19:00 Dinner at the hotel
 22:00 After dinner drinks

Day Three

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Depart for the Polo Ground
09:15 Meet and greet
09:30 Stick & Ball warm up
10:30 Bespoke Tournament
12:30 Gourmet Lunch
14:00 Return to Pennyhill Park
16:30 Depart for Hot Air Balloon evening and dinner
22:30 Return to Pennyhill Park

Day Four

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Guests depart

Please note that this is a provisional itinerary and that timings may vary. All of the above details are suggestions and can be adapted and changed according to your needs and ideas.

If you are interested in hosting a Polo focused event, or any other event for that matter, call us on + 44 (0) 845 460 0606.